Hi I'm Tess

This blog started as a place for me to post and gather all the stuff I was making in photoshop and shoving in anonymous folders on my laptop. I never thought I'd still be here taking nonsense this much time later - but here I am.

This is a first and foremost a Supernatural blog with recurring brother touching themes and J2 fantasies.

I have also been known to occasionally post personal stuff, Doctor Who, Queer as Folk, nudity and anything else that catch my eye.

My URL is the title of one of my favorite Uriah Heep songs

Classic rock and 80's rock is my drug of choice and I may or may not cram the volume up to eleven and dance in my seat when I'm alone in the car.

My stuff is free to use for fic art, vids, graphics and anything else creative as long as you give credit where credit's due. And please do not repost. Reblog! You can find everything in the links to the left

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Tom’s First Con Panel…Two and a half years old and Thomas is already upstaging me - Jared VanCon 2014

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He knows us so well.

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For Jensen, what is your favourite Sam iteration and for Jared, what is your favourite Dean iteration? ()

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